We use Pallets:

Be My Guest Hostel is a nature friendly hostel, and we do our best to be as green as we can, with the maximum comfort for our guests. So we decided to find sustainable and environmentally friendly propositions for our accommodations. Pallets are commonly used to transport cargo and thus lowering the cost and preventing the products are damaged. If the pallets are deformed or differentiated, these are not for transport, and thus discarded. However, we can restore them and adapt them to new uses. Thus arose the idea of the pallet to the bunk beds, and with it, other materials to work with, such as:

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Fruit Boxes:

Icones_34b&wWe fixed and remade old fruit boxes to make our closets.

Used Tires:

Icones_33b&wSome of our seats and trashes are made of used tires.

Old Trees:

Icones_35b&wOur tables are made of old trees that have fallen during storms.

And the job continues, all the lights we use are from LED technology in order to save some energy, and so on.